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The IPT Concept
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The IPT Concept – User Friendly Handbooks and Training Manuals

Backed by years of industry experience and extensive consultation with trade instructors, training coordinators and plant maintenance supervisors, IPT has created an innovative yet practical series of trade handbooks and training manuals for use in the classroom, workshop and jobsite.

The compact perfect-bound handbooks fit easily into a toolbox or coveralls, while the spiral-bound training manuals are designed to lay open on desktops. The larger-sized manuals also include comprehensive questions at the end of each section and a separate answer book for classroom or self-study.


What Makes The IPT Concept Superior?

IPT handbooks and manuals include fundamental trade principles, user-friendly charts and diagrams, as well as extensive troubleshooting information. While laid out over hundreds of pages, the material is presented in a logical, strategic format, and broken down into numerous sections and topics. An extensive table of contents guides users easily through each book and makes finding a specific topic as easy as IPT!


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