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Lines on Prints p 347-360 Flow Diagram p 367,368
Line Description & Function p 347-349 P&ID (Piping & Instrumentation) p 369-371
Piping Line Symbols p 351,352 Orthographic Projection p 372,373
Section Line Symbols p 353 Dimensions Elevation & Coordinates p 373,374
Single or Double Line Drawings p 354 Pictorial Pipe Drawing p 374,375
Line Identification Numbers p 354,355 Isometric Pipe Drawing p 375-377
Standard Piping Symbols p 355-360 Isometric Dimensioning p 377-379
Piping Notes & Specifications p 361 Spool Drawings p 380-384
Piping Abbreviations p 362-364 Bill of Material p 380,384
Reading Scale Drawings p 365,366 Double Line Orthographic Spool p 381
Development of Pipe Drawings p 366 Single Line Orthographic Spool p 382,383
Schematic Diagram p 367    


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