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Pipe Layout
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Fabricated Fittings (Elbows) p 294-297 16 Division Two Piece Miter p 312,313
Establishing Centerlines on Pipe p 298,299 Tee Layout - Saddle In (Simplified) p 314-317
Pipe Wrap-Around p 300 Tee Layout- Saddle On (Simplified) p 318-324
Sectoring Pipe p 300,301 Lateral Layout (Simplified) p 324-328
Mitered Turns p 302-309 Orange Peel Cap p 328,329
2 Piece Miter p 302-306 True Wye Layout (Simplified) p 330-333
Cut Angle of Miter p 302 Template Layout p 333-345
Cut Back Distance p 302 Miter Turn Templates p 334,335
Factor of the Cut Angle p 303,304 45 Degree Lateral Template p 336-339
Multi Piece 90 Degree Miters p 307-309 Tee Template Development p 340-344
Ordinate Lines p 310 Wye Template Development p 344,345
Multiple Ordinate Lines p 311,312    


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