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Offset Terms p 256 Tangent to Find Spread Length p 267
Offset Calculation Methods p 257 Equal Spread 90 Degree Turn p 268,269
Constant Multiplier Calculation p 257,258 Rolling Offsets p 269-271
Trigonometry Offset Calculation p 259 Rolling Offset Calculation p 270-271
Fitting Allowance p 259 Steel Square Calculation p 272
Calculating 45 Degree Offsets p 259-262 Trianqle Method Calculation p 272
Calculating Rise, Run, Travel p 261,262 Offsets Around Square Corners p 273
Equal Spread 2 Pipe Offsets p 262-269 Offsets Around Circular Objects p 274,275
Calculating Equal Spread Lengths p 263-266 Pipe Runs Around Tanks p 276-278


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