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Non-Destructive Testing
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NDT Purpose p 362,363 Inspection and Interpretation p 376
Direct Visual Inspection p 363 Ultrasonic Testing p 376-385
Remote Visual Inspection p 364-368 Types of Sound Waves p 377
Videoimagescope p 364-368 Ultrasonic Requirements p 377-379
Fiberscope p 364-368 Surface Preparation p 379
Borescope p 364-368 Ultrasonic Testing Methods p 379-385
Liquid Penetrant Testing p 368-371 Resonant Frequency p 379,380
Preparation and Application p 369,370 Transit Time Method p 380
Developing and Inspection p 370,371 Intensity Method p 380-385
Magnetic Particle Testing p 371-376 Intensity & Transit Time p 380-385
Magnetizing the Part p 373-375 Eddy Current Testing p 386
Particle Application p 375,376 Radiography Testing p 387-389


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9 Sections
500 Pages
30 Tables/Charts
300 Illustrations
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