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Revision: IPT’s Industrial Trades Manual and Handbook (Power Transmission Systems)

Section Four on Roller Bearings was completely revised, updated, and rewritten into three new sections: Roller Bearing Types, Roller Bearing Mounting, and Roller Bearing Failure & Lubrication.

Hopefully these changes have created a more useful book for instruction and hands on use.



Electrical Handbook and Electrical Training Manual – Revised and more inclusive of advanced technologies, Logical, Sequential, Easy to Use and Apply

The revised edition of the Electrical Handbook and the Electrical Training Manual has embraced the most current practices, NEC, NFPA, UL, CEC, ULC and CSA codes, safety requirements and equipment. The revisions in the 2017 edition are extensive and include the addition of new practices, equipment, data and regulations. There are over 530 pages of information presented in the handbook and the manual. The information is presented in a logical and intuitive sequence aiding the reader in quickly finding sought after information. Relevant information spanning from the physics of electricity to electrical conductors to transformers to lighting to testing is covered. A comprehensive compilation of information coupled with 272 illustrations and 110 tables and charts are assembled for the reader to refer to within a single reference source.




NOTE: USA Crane Operators

“Officially Delayed – The OSHA compliance deadline for crane operator certification has been delayed by one year to November 10, 2018”.


IPT's Pipe Trades Handbook has been translated into French

IPT Publishing & Training Ltd., in partnership with the Commission de la Construction du Quebec (CCQ) has translated IPT's Pipe Trades Handbook into French. This project was started after the CCQ contacted IPT indicating they had numerous requests from contractors and employees in the Quebec construction industry to make this book available in a French version.

Update: We are happy to announce the completion of the French version of the popular IPT's Pipe Trades Handbook. It is available in our popular handbook format. Our web-site has been updated, and this item is available for purchase through our shopping cart.


IPT at Apprenticeship Conference


IPT Publishing was pleased to attend the June 2012 Canadian Apprenticeship Conference in Regine SK. Publisher, Bruce Ashton, as well as Customer Consultants Don and Karen Bennison, showcased IPT's Pipe Trades Handbook on ibooks, demonstrating its potential for both instructors and trades people. This optional format for our books was enthusiastically received and there was a lot of debate over which books should be next to acquire ibook status. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Don at CLOAKING


  • "These books are information dense. They are packed with facts, no frills" - CAF/FCA participant



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