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Technical Issues with IPT Android Releases

IPT is working with Google Play to have all our books listed.  We are very close to having the titles available on your Android devices, but unfortunately there will be a delay. The books have actually been released with the intention of testing our fixed page formatting, but they are actually not available for purchase. We have been in contact with Google to have this corrected. Look for more updates to come, once we can be sure of your satisfaction with our digital versions.


IPT’s iBook Problem Solved-December 14, 2015

Apple released a new IOS update, version 9.2 (13C75) December 9, 2015.  We are pleased to announce that this update has solved the problems many of our customers have experienced with our books.  Unfortunately we had to wait for Apple to rewrite the software and could not correct the problem ourselves.  We would like to thank all of you being patient during this very trying period.  We believe this problem is now behind us as iBooks now comes pre-loaded on all iPads and iPhones when purchased.

If anyone has one of the IPT  books on your iPhone or iPad please take time to download the new IOS 9.2 software.  After the software is downloaded make sure you turn off and restart your device before opening one of the IPT books.  During our testing we encountered varying length of time required  to load a book depending on the age of the iPad or iPhone.  The older devices took much longer to load, probably due to the faster processing power of the newer devices.  During testing, we used 8 different iPads and iPhone, and all of the IPT books load and function correctly.

Again thank you for your patience.


Order IPT Books on iBooks


Our Trade Handbooks are now available on iTunes!


IPT has converted their handbook titles into iBooks using the Apple’s fixed page format. This exclusive fixed page format allows the iBook pages to be exactly the same as the printed book. To date, the technology does not exist to allow IPT to have our books on any device other than Apple.



Click Image(s) to Order on iBooks:


IPT's Pipe Trades Handbook








IPT'S Metal Trades & Welding HandbookIPT's Industrial Trades Handbook









Can be downloaded to iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch




  • Apple or PC Computer: Start iTunes Store → select Books on the upper menu bar → use the search Store function in the upper right corner → enter IPT's, → All IPT's books will appear. With an iTunes account order the book. Without an iTunes account, establish one and order the book. When a sync is completed with the Apple device the book will be listed on iBooks on the device.


  • On an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. With an iBooks app account. Use the Store search function in the upper right corner → enter IPT's,  → All IPT's books will appear. Order the book. Without an iBooks app account, download the app → go to the store → order and download to the device. When a sync is completed with an Apple computer or PC the book will be listed on iBooks.




IPT's Rotating Equipment HandbookIPT's Industrial Hydraulics Handbook
































Countries IPT's books are available on iBooks:


Czech Republic
United Kingdom
United States of America














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