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IPT's Guide to Blueprint Interpretation
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Training Manual ONLY: 8" x 6"
Questions at the back of each section
Answers at the back of the book 
on perforated pages 
ISBN 13: 978-0-920855-42-3
ISBN 10: 0-920855-42-3



IPT’s Guide to Blueprint Interpretation
A Required Resource in a Convenient Size

IPT’s Guide to Blueprint Interpretation includes a wealth of information on drawing types, conventions and interpretation. Presented in a format unique to IPT, the layout allows for inclusion of complete industrial drawings. Each drawing also features comprehensive review questions and answers.

Blueprint Interpretation is Only the Beginning

IPT’s Blueprint Interpretation guide is a must for trade and tech school blueprint classes, apprenticeship and upgrading courses, or for anyone who layouts, welds, fabricates, constructs or hoists steel components. This manual’s focus on industrial skills makes it the perfect complement to the IPT Pipe Trades and the IPT Metal Trades & Welding manuals.



Book Content

9 Sections
379 Pages
211 Illustrations
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