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Appendices Index p 478 Pipe Hangers p 500-503
General Jobsite Safety p 479-488 Sheet Metal & Wire Gage p 504-509
Safety & Accident Prevention p 479-481 Metal Properties p 510,511
Safe Use of Ladders p 481,482 Twist Drills/Tap Drill Sizes p 512-518
Safe Use of Scaffolds p 482 Pipe Tap Sizes p 519
Trenching Safety p 483-485 Decimal Equivalents p 520,521
Confined Space Entry p 486,487 Math Formulas p 522
Dust & Fiber Hazards p 487,488 Unit Equivalent Tables p 523-527
Hazardous Piping Identification p 489 Pressure Terms p 528-530
Steam Trap Selection p 490-493 psi to kPa conversion p 531,532
Steam Trap Sizing/Condensate p 493-495 Pressure Head Conversion p 533,534
Temperature Conversion p 496-499    


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